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Taught by Me and other Member Artists and Guests

I am very excited to announce that I will be teaching one-on-one instruction in PAINTING and DRAWING at all levels from my studio in my home until TRIBE grows to a permanent location. I will also be inviting other artists to teach in their mediums including CERAMIC CLAY.

Scheduled Classes will be for one-on-one or small groups and on a first-come-first-served basis. The focus for teaching in 2012 will be more individualized teaching and tutoring to facilitate greater personal development and support.

Use these links to stay informed of workshop requirements and schedules as well as additions and changes.

Workshop Introductory Syllabus

Workshop Current Schedule

Intro to Drawing or Painting - Charcoal/Paint - Drawing/Painting 101

Intro to Perspective Drawing/Painting - Drawing/Painting 102

Advanced Perspective - Drawing/Painting 103

Intermediate Draw/Paint - Charcoal/Graphite - Drawing/Painting 201

Advanced Draw/Paint - Charcoal/Graphite/Paint - Drawing/Painting 202

Figure Draw/Paint - Advanced Only- Drawing/Painting 301

Individualized Teaching/Tutoring
My goal is to help you become a more capable artist by teaching you more "tools" and creative insights into your current skill-set.



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