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TRIBE  -  Mission Statement

Build Aesthetic awareness and educational experiences

Adult education in private classes and discussion groups

Joyful presentations and exhibitions with enlightening content

Provide resources in print, and Internet for Artists and Collectors

Education through exposure of visual arts without censorship

Better Humans, Better Leaders, Better Community

Our world is a direct reflection of our own making. We are the creators of our story, our life, and the world we know. The human tendency is to gravitate toward that which offers the least resistance. It is even a law of physics. In life however, this is not a course chosen and charted, but instead, it is a course meandering and undefined, requiring little effort and offering little reward. We are entertained with all manner of diversions, with the promise that the next diversion will finally produce euphoria and bliss, only to then repeat endlessly.

To escape this empty paradigm is not impossible. It does require effort. And that effort is to become aware. To become aware of our inner thoughts and decision-making process as we are in the midst of those very thoughts, before we act, before we submit, is truly an awakening. It sounds easy enough, but requires great effort and re-training of the way we fall through our lives. This re-training of our inner life to take back control of our actions and thoughts, and to develop a greater sense of being alive, in the life of our choosing, and creating value in our lives, is the goal and substance of the “Essential Creative Core”.

I have established the entity of TLK and TRIBE Fine Art to offer a model for creative, problem solving, efforts with a focus on internal discovery and the value of all life. TRIBE is my effort to create an environment, in a physical location as well as reaching out to the online community, for round-table dialog and establish an initiation point to launch movements, small and large, both personal and in groups. The goal is to develop the essential creative core. Aristotle said that good government starts in the home, with individuals, then transfers to community, city, county, state, and ultimately to country. This is my model. It will require word of mouth, mailings, posters, art exhibitions, animations, books, theater, dance, videos, film, workshops, teaching, and more.

Art is the great ally for our own personal development and realizations, to create media of influence and education based on the preciousness of life and an awakened community. We use information in the form of entertainment, education, mass media, public service, and any other venue we can exploit to correct the consciousness’s path. Alone, and separated, we cannot hope to motivate the huge changes necessary to heal the world, the country, our communities, and even our neighbors and family. Only together can we effect change. But certainly it begins with each one of us individually. You. Me.

I certainly do not have all the answers, but I am just as certain the solutions come from extended dialog and efforts. I firmly believe that as we become more mindful and aware of our own decision making based on our own investigation and internal debates, we will become more secure in our own identity, our own dignity, and we will also know the value of that effort. That value will also make us better listeners, better communicators, and develop understanding. I see us as blades of grass. To connect and network our efforts will create a fertile ground for the needed future leaders to root, and to grow strong. This is a long term solution that is vital to our future.

I need your help. We need a place to meet. I call it, THE BOX, an alternative space. Not simply a gallery or retail outlet, but an incubator of ideas as well. Do you know someone with a building, a 2000 square foot box or larger space that could be donated to this cause? Can you contribute money on my PayPal link to help secure a space?
You will enter your Donation Amount on the PayPal page;
I am chomping at the bit to get this space to fruition. If you are an artist, you will have a forum to exhibit your work and be challenged to push your creativity to higher levels. If you are a collector, you will have a space to attend monthly shows of real, provocative art with ideas and thoughts abounding. If you are a writer, poet, musician, or a concerned individual with ideas to contribute, THIS, THE BOX, is your space!

TRIBE Fine Art Space, THE BOX, looks to provide:
  • A library area with books on art, philosophy, and politics for self-education
  • Monthly exhibitions
  • Weekly film/video night
  • Weekly discussion roundtables
  • Symposia
  • Open microphone opportunities
  • A presentation and rehearsal stage
  • Live performances
  • Online presence
  • Campaign headquarters
I am an artist with a very diverse background of skills that I will bring to all aspects of our endeavor. I have been an engineer, architectural designer, teacher, film-maker, and Radio personality. I have travelled all over North America and lived in many states and provinces. I am a videographer and attended UCLA film and television school. I have worked in theatre both on stage and back stage. I have written many books and published them. I have run an art gallery and have been a member and treasurer of a large artist co-op in Southern California. I have worked for DOD contractors and for charitable organizations.

All this experience means little to nothing, unless I can put it to constructive purpose to establish meaningful actions that will affect into the future without me. I need your help. Please join me in the effort to secure a more enlightened future.

Watch a short video about this effort at   SEE|MEE   Click on the "Support Me" link to go dirrectly to the video.


You can also click this button to make a contribution of your choice. Thanks so much!

You will enter your Donation Amount on the PayPal page;




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