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What is an Alternative Space

A select grouping of Artists working together to create opportunities for exhibition and events to promote art in a general sense and individually. Beyond those basics, Alternative Spaces have developed over many decades as an independent need for exhibition and support unbound by the strict retail concerns of formal art gallery business models along with the attendant censorships of that marketplace. Alternative spaces create a middle ground between the lone artist working in an atelier and formal galleries, to give voice to a group of artists working together to initiate movements or new ways of representing art and self-representation without succumbing to the agenda and financial stranglehold of the gallery and dealer systems.

Often referred to as "Alternative Spaces" where the artists are able to support a modest gallery and operational physical location, these spaces provide the much needed venue for the display and performance of like-minded artists presenting work otherwise not represented well or completely unrepresented, in their communities. As such, Alternative spaces are a very important component of the community, education, and arts culture. Alternative Spaces also known as Artist Run Galleries often forge strong relationships with local Museums and public arts venues. This is important to network and build opportunities for artist talks, tutoring or demonstrations, both at the museum and the alternative space.

As these are all Artist Run spaces, each artist MUST be an active participant in the survival and growth of the Space. That means that the artists must contribute some time to make phone calls and emails and to regularly attend meetings and to communicate in social media groups or other media created specifically for the Space, is an essential part of membership. If you find an opportunity for exhibition, we all need to know, especially if the group does not currently have its own exhibition space. Even afterward, we all want to be part of your success as you should be of ours. The group can help to publicize and "get the word out" for your individual opportunities. Of course the focus is on getting the group, or as much of the Alternative Space artists as appropriate, to share in the exhibition opportunity. And once the Space has its own venue, the other member artists are expected to aid in gallery preparations and hanging etc... This is the Cooperative aspect of an alternative space. We do for ourselves, what we would expect of a proper gallery or dealer.

At TRIBE Fine Art, we are searching for artists of some experience who have developed their skills and also have a developed narrative for their work. We also hope to help you to develop those things. Although aesthetics are important to all art works, there must be, for this Collective, a social consciousness within the work. Works of visual art in film, animation, painting, drawing and sculpture are sought out that will offer thought provoking narratives to engage the viewer in a dialog on the human condition. We also wish to produce regular weekly and monthly events for our member artists to create well thought out demonstrations, classes and talks to engage the public. These can be independent presentations submitted and approved by the Space/Gallery, as well as accompaniment for solo and group exhibitions. We would also like to sponsor artists work reviews for private sessions where small groups of artists can bring a particular work for analysis and critique by the other artists. There are rules for these kinds of meetings, but this is the kind of thing an alternative space provides that is essential for artists growth and ultimate success.

If you feel you are such an artist, please proceed to our submissions page for criteria to submit your work for our review and consideration. Even if your work is not selected right away, we can offer, at your request, a review of your submission and any guidance we think may be of help to your future submissions. We want you to succeed.

Success means many things to many people. I believe the artist can be a progenitor of ideas and thoughts that can influence and augment the lives of others, and that requires an audience. Without venue, the artist is made mute, and the entire community suffers for the lack of dialog. I wish you all your dreams, and I look forward to seeing your work.


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