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Help me to create "TLK Fine Art gallery" also called "TRIBE". Watch a short videos at My YouTube playlist Or make a donation of any amount in the MEMBER SUPPORT page, peruse information, and see what I have to offer the collector, the painter, the student. Let's get to work!.

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T L K fine arts is dedicated to the support of Art that transmits the insights, questions, and struggles of the noble and eternal experiences and conflicts of the Human Condition, with truth and talent without censorship From the playful and quixotic to the fantastic and politically charged, the works promoted here will always provoke thought and a lifetime of conversation.

T L K is proud to present works of this merit for your consideration and investment, to become heirlooms of great personal pride of ownership Fine Art is about story. The stories in the process of life range from the sublime and fleeting to the visceral and unconscionable. All are beautiful in the lens of Artworks to lend opportunity for analysis and personal growth. Anything less is decor.

What is TLK...? Threefold Lotus Kwoon

The Lotus Flower is an ancient symbol of the precious life and enlightenment arising from difficult circumstances. As the beautiful Lotus Blossom grows in a muddy swamp, so does it develop and drops its seeds for future life simultaneously as it blossoms.

Kwoon, is an ancient Chinese term describing a place of great respect for the study, development, and practice of arts.

TLK Fine Art is a place for artists to grow, to teach, to learn with other artists and the surrounding community; to build dialog and consciousness of the human experience and our individual roles and responsibilities.

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